How to Convert HTTP Status Codes to statusText in Javascript

Have you ever had a 3rd-party API that sends empty response.statusText messages? Not knowing what codes mean when they happen can be frustrating for users when they are given a status code with no description of what it means. While many situations often call for a custom domain-specific error message, it can still be helpful to use the HTTP code’s statusText as a fallback. That way the user is never presented with something like “HTTP error code 500” without knowing an Internal Server Error occured.

1Password Stream Deck Shortcuts

1Password is a great password manager, but sometimes finding passwords for programs outside of web browsers can be tedious. For example, switching between QuickBooks Desktop company files requires a password each time they are opened, and managing many company files means constantly referencing passwords in 1Password. Stream Decks make automation easy with programmable buttons that can speed up workflows, and 1Password provides an easy way to link to items: Example link:

Generating UUID's with a Stream Deck Button

I built to learn how to build an API in TypeScript on Cloudflare Workers. However, I’ve found myself using it surprisingly often to grab a UUID. Whether it’s to give something a unique ID, or for an API key in another API, it’s come in handy many times. However, going to a website (or even using curl) to get a UUID just isn’t fast enough. So with my recently acquired Stream Deck, I set off to build a button that would do it for me!